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Under the parallel influence of natural selection and sexual selection they become at the pairing season reflexes of excitement and thus develop into methods of producing excitement, in the male by the muscular energy required, and in the female through the ear; finally they become play, though here also it is probable that use is not excluded.

This degradation of the higher values,whether of nature, art, beauty, knowledge, kindness, religion or thehuman soul, to serve the ends of sensual pleasure is the expression of aperversity which is possibly the most radical and characteristic of ourage.

Traditional religion was transformed so that a place might befound in it for a woman.

In these he imagined himself the servant of several adult naked sailors; he crouched between their thighs and called himself their dirty pig, and by their orders he performed services for their genitals and buttocks, which he contemplated and handled with relish.

This man, my correspondent added, was entirely normal and robust, butseemed to regard sexual congress as a mere evacuation, the sexual instinctapparently not being strong.

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